Second year Business and Law student, Ian Fahey, has been announced as the new auditor of the UCD Law Society (LawSoc) for the upcoming 104th session, which commences on March 6th, after he was the only candidate to declare interest in the position.

Fahey expressed his motivation for the prestigious role was rooted in his passion for debating which the Society had encouraged in his school. “The Society expanded my social circle back in secondary school and I wanted to kind of go for it because I want to give back to a society that gave me so much.”

Fahey does not feel following up the 103rd Session is necessarily daunting, but more so a welcome challenge, which can be overcome through good planning.

“I think the best thing you can do is focus on organisation and time management. If you are planning from day one and come into the job and know exactly what to do and have the right people around you, people who are as passionate and committed as you with the year ahead then you really can’t go wrong.”

This year, LawSoc brought in a succession of high profile guests, such as Alastair Campbell, Judge Judith Sheindlin (Judge Judy), Patrick J. Adams, and Joe Schmidt, which Fahey believes appeals to the broad base of students in UCD.

“A lot of people argue that LawSoc should be for law students only and others argue that it should be open. The Law Society this year has two and a half thousand members and there is certainly less law students than that.

“The debates and the guests appeal to the mass of students and general students from all faculties, but it is also good to have the core law activities for law students to take part in such as, mooting and the mock trial.”

He also expands upon his strategy for the year as he highlights what he believes are some vital issues and concerns that require redress. The whole problem with the Law Society is that law students feel that there is no society that they can find themselves drawn to identity-wise. Giving the law students a society they can link themselves to is important; I want to resurrect that forgotten identity LawSoc had.

One of Fahey’s other main goals for the year is to have some input into the UCD delegation that will be attending the International Model United Nations in New York next year.

“It will be a lot of work and a lot of time will have to be put into that sort of event. The point of it is, you are not going to represent UCD LawSoc, you are going to represent UCD, which is your college at a global level.”

Fahey looks forward to the commencement of the Session after the mid-term break, when he will assemble his committee. All members will receive the opportunity to apply for a position on the team in the coming weeks.