How to break the set

Artist and host of the political news show “Breaking the Set” on RT America, Abby Martin talks to Jack Walsh about Nestlé robots, her motives behind the show and denouncing ObamaAbby Martin emerges as the face of refreshing honesty among the American News talk show circuit. Snarky, smart and wonderfully sweary, Martin is a renaissance woman in a Washington setting, portraying dissent and lies through television, and her own artwork.Her most prized work as an artist defines her as an activist. “It was my first purely political art show and I laid out a lot of controversial imagery that galvanized a lot of buzz and inspiration for me to focus more on political artwork.“One of the pieces mocked Obama's logo by having it spill into a deep pool of blood, symbolizing the death of false hope his campaign generated and also the blood on the hands of his administration for perpetuating the worst policies from the Bush administration.”Now in its second season, Breaking the Set is Martin’s mouthpiece and a logical follow on from her work in setting up Media Roots, a citizen journalism project. Her motivation is simple as she describes her “passion of wanting to learn and understanding everything about the world around [herself].”Describing the concept of the show, Martin said, “There are so many rules and preconceived ideals set in society by the political and media establishment. With Breaking the Set, I try to undermine the left/right paradigm that so often keeps the public divided and offer deeper analysis about current events.”It has to be stated, Martin doesn’t do all of the talking. “It also is a space for activists, artists and radical thinking intellectuals to come together and spread their ideas of how we can elicit change.”Renowned for her on air presence, Martin has featured many guests on her show, but highlights a specific guest as her standout favourite. “The greatest interview was with an android Nestlé spokesperson who instead of coming on the show for a debate, sent me a video debunking my report which criticized the company for its privatization of water.”Martin’s motives behind the show are simple, as are her ultimate goals at RT as she stresses her desire to see a more informed public. “[I’d like to see] people becoming more informed citizens about what is happening in the world. Once people know what's happening, we have a better chance at fighting it.”These motivations resonate with her inner activist and with such lofty ambitions laid out, you can be sure that Martin’s crusade of information won’t be stopping any time soon.