Higher Education Authority to review creative arts and media education

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) announced Wednesday that a major review of third-level education in the Dublin area has been commenced. The review will focus on creative arts and media education and aims to look at how this can best be delivered to students. The HEA also wish to look at promotion of this specialised area to an international audience.The review comes in the wake of a similar study into the education of teachers which was published in September. A major transformation is afoot for education generally in the State, in line with the National Strategy, also known as the Hunt Report. The Strategy, which has long-term goals stretching to 2030, aims to look at how Irish third level education can more successfully meet the social, economic and cultural issues that will face the country over the next decades.Tom Boland, Chief Executive of the Higher Education Authority hopes to build on the “enormous strengths” of the “top class”, internationally recognised institutions within the country. He sees the arts as an area which could benefit from greater co-ordination and collaboration which is to be looked at by an international panel.Experts from institutions in Canada, the Netherlands, Austria and the UK will look at the ten plus state-funded art, design and media education institutions in the Dublin region which it feels can benefit from more “globally-oriented and internationally competitive” standards. Though the centres are already considered as having long established reputations which are internationally renowned, increased demand in the area calls for our colleges to become more coherent and complementary the HEA says.The work of the panel will be informed by a background paper written by Jim Devine who is a former Director of Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) on the current state of creative arts and media provision in the region. The panel is expected to report to the HEA by early next year.