Hidden Gems:

Looking for a few unique pieces to liven up your wardrobe for Spring/Summer Hannah Pamplin invites you to expand your search away from the high-street and into the boutique world.

Sick of turning up in the same outfit as three others to a party every weekend? Try expanding away from the high-street, and its repeated and cyclical styles and pieces. There are a multitude of boutiques around Dublin city and county, if you only venture out to find them. With more than enough unique pieces to suit your needs and any occasion, the small boutique scene is the new frontier. 

Not to mention, with sustainability being the buzz-word of the year, it is more important than ever to be in support of local businesses. In an increasingly homogenized world, shopping local means supporting businesses and owners with their ear to the ground; selecting products not according to a national, or multi-national demand, but in-tune to the communities’ needs, and praising local designers and ethically sourced materials and goods. And so, in each community there exists local boutiques with a distinct character of relevance to the area.

The list that exists is by no measure exhaustive but, hopefully, can act as a guide, and a starting off point to finding your own new favorite niche in the city. Forgetting not, of course, as is the nature of boutique shopping, if you ever need help or advice, don’t be afraid to ask for help once you are there.

South Dublin:

Anastasia Boutique: located in the heart of Ranelagh, this bright and airy boutique is a haven for finding gems to suit your formal-wear and work-to-night needs. Featuring everything from luxury Irish designers - FeeG, Caroline Kilkenny, and Pat Whyte, to modern eclectic European brands such as Essentiel Antwerp and Sportmax Code. Perfect for gearing up for graduation or to add some vibrancy to an office-wear ensemble.

Dublin City Centre: 

Carousel: Smack on the corner of Exchequer street, Carousel is a dreamy, kitschy, romantic hideaway. Showcasing high-quality, but affordable, vintage-inspired fashion. Ideal for those who care more about expressing their personal style, than following the latest high-street trend. Carousel, and its owner Tom Walsh, also put an emphasis on the ethics of production. With their personal brand, Circus, being produced through the Good Earth Factory in Delhi. Good Earth is SEDX approved and receives regular audits. So, Carousel is perfect when shopping for sustainable, cutesy, everyday looks. Good for the mind, and on the body. For some styling ideas, check out the shoot in this issue!