Hidden Gem: The Cake Café, Camden Street, Dublin 2

Hidden down a side alley in Dublin City Centre, Maitiú mac Seoin lifts the lid on the Cake CafeMany of you will be familiar with Harcourt Street, home to nightclubs such as Tripod, d|two and Coppers. However, nestled away behind this area is a secret little spot that many people will never find; until you read this article, of course.The Cake Café is a fantastically quirky little café. Mismatched china, cups of various sizes and a unique decorative style are the order of the day. The staff are friendly and the menu itself is delightfully simple, for example: ‘Hot Pot - it’s in a pot, and it’s hot, what more do you want?’An unbelievable selection of teas and coffees are on offer, varying wildly from the subtle flavours of the Gunpowder Tea, to the intense coffee and chocolate flavours of Bicerin. For those of you who like to stay a bit more grounded, there is regular tea, but sure, where’s the fun in that?The real star of the café is, of course, the cake. Baked throughout the day, they have that homemade, not-exactly-perfect feel to them. However, the taste more than makes up for any messiness. You will absolutely adore the lemon drizzle cake, but do not forget the cupcakes, fruit loaf, brownies, carrot cake… the lot are outstanding.Otwo’s recommendations are the infamous beans on toast or the afternoon tea. This choice comes with a bottomless pot of tea or coffee and a selection of five cakes. For first-timers, this is the perfect option to sample a variety of what the folks at the Cake Café have to offer.If you go on a warm sunny day you can eat outside in the shade of the trees, listening to the unseen bustle of the city, only a few metres away. Situated less than five minutes’ walk from the historic Iveagh Gardens, a simple trip to the Cake Café can easily turn into a very relaxing and enjoyable day out.