Hidden Gem – Foire du Trône, Paris

If you want gut-busting rides without being molested by Mickey Mouse, then you should eschew Disneyland and head to Foire du Trône, according to Stefan BrackenWhen you think of a Parisian theme park, what comes to mind? Probably an image of Minnie Mouse and her evil minions masquerading in a giant world of kiddy rides. No offence to Disneyland, but the theme park you should be going to doesn’t charge fifty euro for a day trip or force you to queue for hours. What you should be excited about is Foire du Trône; a fortress of crazy rides and cheap as chips prices that lies a mere fifteen minutes away from central Paris by Metro.This wonderful park is open from noon to midnight, from the April 6th to June 3rd this year and is located in the Pelouse de Reuilly (take Metro line 8 and get off at Liberté). However, be warned: some of the rides are not for the faint hearted. ‘Le Power Max’ heaves you into the air at a sickening ninety kilometres per hour, while ‘Le Star Flyer’ is very similar to those electronic swing sets that bring you round and round , except it brings you up to a chilling sixty metres in the air.Thankfully, there is also a giant Ferris wheel, as well as plenty of rides and activities for the kids (or less brave amongst you). You can even practice your French with the locals and try to win a prize with the fun sideshow games. Fast food restaurants are a plentiful and beer is served everywhere.The best thing about of Foire de Trône, however, is that that are never any queues and rides are cheap, priced at two to five euro depending on the deadliness of the ride. There is no entry fee so unlike Disneyland you can do and spend as much as you like. And you can save even more by buying a selection of attraction tickets at a discounted rate in any of the Fnac stores littered around Paris.