Fara (left) wears:
Cream blazer: €79 – The Harlequin, Glitter polar neck: €19 – The Harlequin
Tie-dye jeans: €39 – The Harlequin, Wedge trainers: €18 – Penneys
Dearbhla wears:
Black blouse: €59 – The Harlequin, Blue sequined top: €30 – Lucy’s Lounge
Levi 501’s: €39 – The Harlequin, Glitter heels: €18 – Penneys

Sophie Lioe imparts all her styling wisdom to ensure all the sartorial boxes are ticked this festive season

Who says sequins, jewels and a handful of glitter all worn together is over the top? Inspired by the upcoming festive party season, we bring you the best way to inject some glamour into your wardrobe. The trick here is that more is more; throw on sequins over glitter over some more sequins and you’re on the right track.

Most of these pieces are ’80s inspired, with shoulder-pads everywhere, but if this is a step too far for you, then just cut them out and bring them bang up to date.Remember that glitter doesn’t have to mean girlie; it can also mean grunge. It seems like an unlikely combination, but glitter can be the perfect offset to a boyish, androgynous look. Paired with some loose-fitting denim jeans, suddenly an embellished sequined top is pared- back and strikes the perfect balance. An eye-catching blazer can also serve as a way to instantly dress up whatever you’re wearing; perfect for running straight from work to a Christmas party.

Shoes, bags and jewellery help to layer up this look. If your feet can’t take another pair of heels, opt for some sparkly flats to see you through to the end of the season. Some metallic coloured on-trend wedged trainers are a simple alternative, which add a street-style vibe to whatever you’re wearing.

Going all out with this trend also gives you the green light to go crazy with your make up. To really dive head-first into the party atmosphere, throw some glitter on your lips on top of some gloss or lipstick to make it stick, or go for a dark eye shadow with a hint of metallic shine to really make your eyes pop.

Although this all may sound a bit much when worn all at once, you could just pick one feature to focus on and just go as bright and bold as you can to really compliment your outfit. If make-up isn’t your strong point, stick with glitter nail polish. The high-street is full of all kinds of colour combinations, or better still layer them yourself for your very own customised nail colour.

So when all those Christmas party invitations start flooding your Facebook feed, do not despair. One glamorous investment piece can be worn in a multitude of ways. Just have fun with it, and remember, at least one person has to out-shine the Christmas tree.

Models: Fara Courtney and Dearbhla Cantwell

Photographer: Caoimhe Mc Donnell

MUA: Kate Kelly

Stylist: Sophie Lioe

Shoot Location: Kelly’s Hotel, South Great George’s Street