Grunge-y jumping

Denim, leather, suede, cotton; when it comes to grunge, there is no fabric that won’t work when tossed together. Autumn tartan motifs play against the crisp, cool feel of summer denim, while leopard print coats swing from hangers across the nation in post-1960’s glamour.

As autumn approaches, the prime time of year for the all grunge-goers, we delve into the season’s must have pieces. Think rainy day coats and warm woolly hats mixed with a dollop of pure, unhindered rock star chic and you may begin to see the ‘gimme’ in grunge.The collection centres around a Dionysian mix of James Dean and 1950’s old style rough-and-tumble primary pieces. The leather jacket (so deliciously sported by Glen) and a contrasting mix of suave, sheer shirts and fitted shorts that serve to make any outfit elegant.One of the beautiful facts of grunge is that many pieces are androgynous. Feel like sporting a harder, more robust look today my budding femme fatale? Toss on your boyfriend’s, or your brother’s leather jacket. Oversized jackets serve to embody one major aspect of grunge: hard-core delicacy.Shrug out of your ‘oh-so-mainstream’ wardrobe by adding an animal print jacket to your repertoire and a denim shirt to your list of must-haves for the oncoming months. Not only will you be knee deep in envy, you’ll play host to a toasty warm micro-climate while everyone else shivers from the cold winds of their fashion faux-pas.Accessories-wise, it’s best kept simple. Pair chunky necklaces with some badass rings and one of the fashion must-haves of this season; the ankle boots. They add height and versatility to your wardrobe.The black leather ankle boots (modelled by the lovely Christine) can be worn with any and every outfit and, depending on whether you want to be effortlessly cool or singularly smokin’, can be the metaphorical topper on your cake of dapperness.These pieces allow everyone to swing as they want towards make-up. If you’d prefer to keep it natural or highlight one particular feature, lips, eyes, eyebrows, etc., then go all out. Deep purples, riotous reds and in some cases blood oranges have played across the lips of many grunge fashion shows this season and a strong, dark eyebrow has been iconized by artists such as Frances Bean Cobain and models like Ashley Smith. Top Image:
Denim Jeans—Harlequin—€39Cream Crop Top— Forever21—€12.50Shirt—Vintage Section Urban Outfitters—€33Denim Jacket—Saint Vincent De Paul—€10Boots—Shu 4 U—€34.50Necklace—Topshop—€25Rings—H&M—€4.50Sunglasses—Topshop—€20Bag—Vintage Shop—€15Jeans— Women’s Section Penneys—€12Jumper—€20Belt—Topman—€25Boots—Penneys—€20Brown Leather Jacket—Irish Cancer Society—€15Right Image:
Jeans—Womens Penneys—€12Boots—Penneys—€20Beanie—Urban Outfitters (Carhartt)—€20Barber Jacket—Harlequin—€49Black T-Shirt—Penneys—€2.50Tartan Shirt—Vintage Section Urban Outfitters—€18Left Image:
Tights—Penneys—€2Leather Jacket— Shutterbug Vintage Store— €59Cycling Shorts—American Apparel—€25Shirt—Irish Cancer Society—€6Cross Earrings—Penneys—€2 Boots— Shu 4 U—€34.50