Gig Guide: December 2017

CURTIS HARDING – 1 DEC – WHELAN’SCurtis Harding mixes soul with rock and roll, to create an eclectic and undeniably modern sound. Harding spent time working as a backup singer for CeeLo Green, but it is obvious that he was always made for a solo career. His smooth vocals and psychedelic guitar take his audience on a journey back to a time of Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix. Harding’s has a charistmatic aura which mixes with incredible musicianship. Tickets €17. MARCEL DETTMANN – 8 DEC – DISTRICT 8A resident DJ at Berlin's most prestigious club, Berghain, Marcel Dettmann has been described by the website Resident Advisor as “one of the most influential proponents of contemporary techno.” A veteran of some twenty years, Dettmann is one of the longest standing techno DJs out there, and has rightfully earned a place at the top. He plays old school industrial techno with the use of trance elements. Quick and smooth transitions, and intriguing vocal samples, allow his sets to remain fresh. His shows inspire thoughts and emotions of a transcendental nature, so that even non-techno lovers can enjoy the ingenuity on offer. Tickets from €18. ANETHA – 9 DEC – INDEXRising star of techno, Anetha, has appeared out of the Parisian underground. Anetha is a DJ/producer who made her debut in 2015 and has since proven herself to be something of a prodigy. Her talented mix up of groovy melodies has made her one of the most interesting new acts to emerge in recent years. She has already played at many top venues around Europe and released the track, 'Acid Train' with the label Anagram. Her sound is fluid, her mixes are skilful, her grooves are strong but most importantly, she knows how to work a crowd.Tickets from €12.