Gig Guide

Looking for a gig to go to this month? Sinéad Dunphy has some recommendations for you.


The Olympia

Thursday November 7th


Giggs is a well-established part of the UK grime scene. With his signature deep vocals and slow delivery, he truly is one of a kind. The rapper released his debut album in 2008 and his most recent release, Big Bad retains much of the same qualities but with a little more hip hop styling. After collaborating with artists like Ed Sheeran and Drake, Giggs has earned an international following and his work has received praise from both his peers and critics. You’re guaranteed a great experience all in all.

Tebi Rex

Lost Lane

Saturday November 9th


Irish hip hop duo, Tebi Rex have made quite a name for themselves locally, becoming a main staple of the Irish festival and gig scene. Matt O’Baoill’s light, poppy vocals fuse nicely with Max Zanga’s confident, usually chilled out rap delivery. Their songs are fun and don’t take themselves too seriously even when dealing with serious topics. Tebi Rex embody everything that is the contemporary Dublin hip hop scene from their diverse sound to their alternative style and even their prominent social media presence.

Oliver Tree

The Academy

Tuesday November 12th


Something of a renaissance man, Oliver Tree is a rapper, singer, director, producer and sketch comedian. He is best known for his viral song, “When I'm Down" and borrows inspiration from several genres including rock and hip hop to make alternative dance music with a comical twist. If his bizarre visuals are anything to go by, this will be an interesting show.

Orla Gartland


Friday November 15th


Most known for her single, ‘I Go Crazy,’ Irish singer-songwriter, Orla Gartland makes catchy and relatable pop music. Having earned a lot of her following from posting on YouTube and touring with fellow YouTuber and musician, dodie, Gartland has a small but dedicated fanbase due to her accessibility and honesty. Gartland’s music is heavy on synth and full of lyrics about anxiety and other relatable topics. This gig is bound to make for a fun night.