Gay couple prevented from kissing in Forum Bar

THE LITERARY and Historical Society (L&H) are to lodge a complaint with Pulse Security after a homosexual couple was ordered to stop kissing at a function in the Forum Bar last month. The male couple was approached by a member of Pulse Security, who demanded that they stop being intimate.Societies Officer, Richard Butler was contacted by members of the L&H when a commotion erupted between the security member and students attending the function but the disturbance was soon settled without aggrivated confrontation.Auditor of the L&H society, Ian Hastings affi rmed, “we took care of the situation”. The students involved are not UCD students, but were in Belfield attending a debating competition organised by the L&H. Mr Hastings expressed anger at the incident, but mentioned that it is “best not to go into specific details at this stage, until the complaint has been lodged with the security company”.Manager of the Forum Bar, Declan Hyland maintained that the securitymember involved was not part of the Forum Bar staff and insisted that he “wasn’t under the instruction of any of the bar staff”. He explained that “it would normally be the policy that the bar staff ask security to stop any sort of behaviour if there is somebody misbehaving”.“Male-female or a gay couples are treated equally, if a heterosexual couple were behaving in certain ways they may be asked to tone it down also,” affirmed Mr Hyland.Mr Hyland regarded the actions of the security member as understandable, believing that, “he was being overcautious”; but offered apologies for the occurrence of the incident, reaffirming that “it wasn’t a member of our staff, so it was out of our control.”Mr Hastings regards the incident as “thoroughly, thoroughly unacceptable”, asserting “that there is absolutely no way to defend it any way, shape or form”. He believes “it reflects badly on the university and it was unbelievably embarrassing for the L&H”, who were hosting a debating function at the time of the incident.The L&H plan to lodge their complaint with Pulse Security; however “the precise mechanism of how we are going to do it” are still unclear, confirmed Mr Hastings. “It is probably going to be joint [complaint] from the L&H and the university”, expressed Mr Hastings.The University Observer contacted management at Pulse Security, who failed to make any comment before the time of going to print.