Gartlandia – New music worth listening to

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Looking for some new bands to bolster your iPod? Well, Otwo’s resident music star, Orla Gartland, has some nifty suggestions

Right now is an immensely exciting time to be into music. Although I've spent the summer making some of my own, I've been to a stupid number of live gigs and discovered so many ground-breaking artists along the way. There is such a vast expansion of new talent out there, and once you really dive in, it's pretty difficult to escape. Here are three new faves of mine that you may or may not have heard already. HAIMThe three Haim sisters are an LA trio born in the wrong era. Their old school brand of soft-rock is bouncy, guitar-driven and beautifully rough around the edges. As a massive Fleetwood Mac fan it was impossible for me not to latch on.It's so refreshing to watch and listen to music with so much personality in it. A quick YouTube spree of their interviews or stalk of their Twitter pages will inform that these are the funniest, weirdest, most likable girls making music right now.My admiration for Haim stems not only from their writing, their live sets and their style, but their spirit. They really don't care what anyone thinks of them; they just walk out on stage and have the time of their lives, and I love that.Their debut album is released this week… PINCH ME. If I was to recommend one track of theirs, it would have to be 'The Wire'. Life goal: to become the 4th Haim sister. THE 1975If you've heard of this band already, it's no doubt as a result of their hit 'Chocolate'; an absolute TUNE. If not, the 1975 are four Manchester-based lads releasing alternative pop/rock tunes with a tasty blend of ambient, atmospheric sounds & shimmery, retro electric guitar.Upon listening to the debut album, one hears a melting pot of influences; White Lies, Arctic Monkeys, The Sex Pistols, The Wombats, and some elements of classic Britpop with a modern twist.The band owe much of their success to lead singer Matt Healy. Healy is a character; a bad boy poet sporting leather jackets and a questionable haircut that walks a border between attractive and plain ridiculous. His lyrics are sharp and cheeky; metaphorical and literal in all the right places, like "I know you're looking for salvation in the secular age, but girl I'm not your savior."A tune of theirs I'm particularly fond of is 'Girls'; one of their more lighthearted tracks. Their new self-titled album sounds like the soundtrack to that crazy summer you spent road tripping with some old friends down the west coast of America in one of those Volkswagon hippie vans. Oh, wait. That never happened. LORDEI don't bang this around loosely or often, but this girl is going to be huge. She's a New Zealand teen who I consider to be quite possibly the coolest person in the world.Her voice is haunting, with unmissable echoes of Lana Del Rey. There are few instruments. It's amazing for tracks so minimal to play alongside the often stacked-up, heavily layered tracks of modern radio.I'm about to make a sweeping statement, but hear me out. I think many of us in 2013 are quite aware of what music is considered cool. We might think too deeply if a friend asked us what we've been listening to lately.Taylor Swift may be most popular in our iTunes library, but in certain company we're not a genuine fan. We consider her more of a guilty pleasure, really. I think this aspect of our culture has given a huge boost to cool contemporary artists like Two Door Cinema Club, Bastille and undoubtedly Lorde herself.Although a big portion of these new fans may stem from people trying to impress their friends, the success won't be fleeting. In the case of these musicians, it is the originality, the lovingly crafted songs and their thought-provoking lyrics, that will keep us all there in the long term.~To celebrate the announcement that Orla's first EP, Roots, is being released on the 11th of November, she is offering everyone a free download of her song 'Bandit'. Click HERE to download her new track.Roots will be available for pre-order from the 6th of October