Gartlandia – Irish Music

Not everyone might be aware, but the Irish music scene is bangin’, says Orla GartlandI love music and think the Irish music scene right now is bangin’. (Yes, I said bangin’, judge me). Here are some of my absolute faves:Gavin James Gav has the voice of an angel. His falsetto could reduce the hardest man to tears. His songs cover emotions from nostalgia to heartbreak and everything in between. He also happens to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. No fair! Listen to ‘Remember Me’! Choon.Little Green CarsMany will know these four Dubliners by now. It’s funny; it seems like Irish artists that make an impact in foreign lands really gain the respect of their homeland brethren (case in point, Kodaline).Their harmonies are so tight; they’re a well-gigged bunch and a pleasure to watch despite their awkward-but-somehow-charming stage banter. They seem very sad and misunderstood, which I hear is cool nowadays. Listen to ‘My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me’.Hudson TaylorAs a friend of the band I’m a massively biased fan, but I honestly mean it when I say they’re an absolute goldmine of pure talent and passion. Think Simon and Garfunkel/The Beatles with a hint of a modern twist. The energy release throughout their live set is enough to power a bus. ‘Listen to ‘Care’.SoakIs it one person? Is it a band? Such mystery. Soak is a lovely Derry girl named Bridie. Her voice enchanting, I listen to Soak’s tracks and find myself drawn into the lyrics, appreciating the simplicity and honesty of each word. She’s just signed to CHVRCHES’ new label, so I’m beyond excited to hear what she comes out with next. Listen to ‘Blud’.James Vincent McMorrow So do we really need another moody bearded lad with a guitar? Yes. James is a saint. His first album captured the heart of many and his tours since have scaled far and wide. His new album, Post Tropical, is such a winner.The acoustic guitars and banjos featured in his first album have been pushed to the back to favour some tasty pianos, organs, horns and really interesting percussion. Tracks like ‘Cavalier’ embody a Bon Iver-style ambience. I love a risk-taker and I love his new direction.KodalineWell these lads need no introduction. They’ve absolutely smashed it on the worldwide stage and in my opinion they’re doing a grand job of representing us. I went to see their show in London and the crowd was awash with Kerry, Tipperary and Sligo accents.Irish flags everywhere, pints a flowin’; it was a bizarre little night of feeling so at home in the middle of a pretty scary city. It was the kind of crowd that struggled to hear a word Steve mumbled, but cheered nonetheless. I’m looking forward to hearing some new material. For now, listen to ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Talk’ (if you haven’t already).JedwardLOL. No. Never.It’s a pretty exciting time for Irish music if you ask me (no one ever does).