Games Releases: What to Look Out For in 2018

With some big franchises making a return as well as a host of fresh new games, Katie Lalwani takes a look at what to get excited about this year. With new major console releases, developments in 4K gaming and plenty of great games, 2017 was a year to be remembered. It will be difficult for 2018 to live up to all the previous year had to offer. But that doesn’t mean a quiet year for the gaming industry. Here are just some top picks from this year’s upcoming fresh batch of game releases.2018 sees the return of a number of big blockbuster hits including Far Cry 5.  The game is set in the fictional Hope County, a rural area in the American Northwest, under control of the tyrannical cult ‘Eden’s Gate.’ Players are tasked with taking on the doomsday cultists and their leader Joseph Seed, promised to be “the biggest and most ruthless, baddest enemy Far Cry has ever seen.” You traverse a sprawling open world with new weapons, allies, and animal companions at your disposal, as you liberate Hope County.
“The game offers ample opportunity to sail to islands, seek out buried treasure, and drink plenty of grog while taking on rival pirate crews along the way.”
This year also sees the release of the long awaited follow up to Red Dead Redemption. Set before the original, the game follows the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan. Aside from hints within the game trailer released at last year’s E3, details of the story are still under wraps leaving fans of the original game speculating on what’s to come. It remains to be seen how the promised online multiplayer mode will work, how expansive the map will be and whether John Marston, the beloved protagonist from the original, will be making an appearance.Familiar franchises are not the only games to get excited about, with a host of new games also coming our way. Buddy co-op adventure A Way Out sees two players take on the roles of prisoners Leo and Vincent. The goal is to work together to break out of prison and evade the authorities. Melee brawls, shootouts, and thrilling car chases with a friend definitely make this game one to watch.Another worthy mention is Sea of Thieves, a fun multiplayer pirate adventure game which finally has a release date this year. Players band together to crew a ship and fare the high seas as they navigate through the sandbox style game. The game offers ample opportunity to sail to islands, seek out buried treasure, and drink plenty of grog while taking on rival pirate crews along the way.With the unexpected major success of last year’s Player Unknown Battlegrounds, expect the gaming scene to be flooded with Battle Royale modes as everyone tries to get in on the action. Crazy Justice, Hunt: Showdown, and The Darwin Project are just a handful of games currently in development which may make an appearance this year. Amongst those games keen in unashamedly ripping off PUBG, expect a number of games with their own unique take on the last man standing trend including those with the addition of teams, storylines, and more.With plenty on offer from major franchise returns to brand new titles, there is certainly something for everyone coming out in 2018.