Title: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Developers: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games


Publisher: Activision

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Microsoft Windows

Release date: Out Now

When the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released, gamers around the world flocked to their local stores in the middle of the night to get their copies. Unfortunately, it is hard to imagine them not being disappointed, with this latest instalment in the legendarily popular series falling short of expectation.

Aesthetically, the game is great. The graphics are incredibly realistic and the settings, which take the characters to the centre of some of the most famous cities in the world, are spectacular. But sadly, that is where the positive points end. The game is no doubt an improvement on last year’s Black Ops, but in the same manner that Barack Obama is an improvement on George W. Bush – on the surface it would appear much better, but in reality, it’s really not.

The campaign mode is pathetically short. It is possible to complete it over a weekend without trying particularly hard. In fact, it is doable in a day if you’re into that sort of thing. The missions are very repetitive and usually just involve shooting countless Russians in different locations around the world. Whether you’re trying to recover essential intelligence or rescue a very important hostage, you are invariably going to encounter a mass of Russians who can be killed with ease, like lumbering henchmen in a particularly mediocre James Bond film. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Russia takes serious offense to this game, and they would have every right to do so.

Not coincidentally, the game has an all-too Bond feel about it. The scenarios encountered are laughably unrealistic at times. The storyline is focused heavily on the ridiculous feud between the protagonist of the war, Vladimir Makarov, and SAS Capt. John Price, and Price’s undying quest to get the big bad Makarov. A bad storyline isn’t too much of a negative aspect for a game such as this, but such a big deal is made out of the plot that you can’t help but resent it. The makers would have been far better off focusing more on the intriguing WWIII subplot of the game, which is actually quite gripping.

As for multiplayer mode, the return of the Special Ops section represents the highlight of the game, but even that easily slips into repetition. The addition of the old-school, run-and-gun gameplay of the ‘Kill Confirmed’ mode is a nice touch, and adds something to the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Generally however, the game is entertaining, if nothing else. It achieves what a war-based first person shooter should, and that’s excitement and cheap thrills. If you liked Modern Warfare 2, then you’ll like the third chapter in the series. Just don’t expect much to have changed.

Score: 3/5

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