The university was forced to shut down both the Belfield and Blackrock campuses for three days last week because of deteriorating weather condition on the campus.

The campus was closed from Saturday 9th January until Tuesday 12th January for health and safety reasons, due to the worsening weather and underfoot conditions on the campus.

Bad weather had affected much of the country for a prolonged period. Snow and ice made both walking and driving conditions extremely treacherous, especially in urban areas where black ice was prevalent.

The university had asked staff not to enter the campus except for essential academic or operational activity. Despite this, staff were allowed to access their offices to collect papers or essential work, as the closure occurred during the university’s exam-marking week.

Students living on campus were also asked to delay their return to the residences until the 12th if possible, although the student residences remained open. All gates into campus, with the exception of the main N11 entrance, were closed.

While most of the buildings were shut, the Veterinary Hospital remained opened and any research activity that the university deemed essential was to continue as normal. Services that operated independent of UCD and any construction work on campus did not fall under purview of the university and it was decided by their operators whether they would open during the closure or not.

A spokesperson for the university could not disclose if UCD had plans in place in case the weather deteriorates again over the coming weeks, saying that the bad weather experienced earlier this month is not expected by Met Éireann to return in the coming months.

The university decided to reopen the campus on the 12th after an improvement in weather conditions and a review of the campus deemed it safe to operate normally.