Food: Blogging delicious

You will never be short of a recipe with Elaine Lavery’s guide to food blogsI must admit that even I, the self-professed nerdy student who always sits at the front of lectures, spend half my time in college creeping around on Facebook. Sometimes on really slow days, after refreshing my homepage several times in so many minutes, I realise that I need to cop on and get a life. In these moments of boredom, I turn to food blogs.There are HUNDREDS of blogs published on the web, most of which are pure self-indulgent rantings from nobodies. Blogs are by their nature personal online diaries, so you have to rake through a good few to find a blogger whose food journey you enjoy following.My favourite kind of food blog is one that provides interesting recipes with an explanatory introduction/background to the dish. Photographs are a bonus, but for the true foodie, they are not essential. The words and descriptions are enough to invoke tastes and textures and often I find inspiration, discovering new flavour combinations.My top blog in this respect is, an archive of food exchanges between two working mums living on opposite sides of the Atlantic.  They source their recipes from all over the place; books, magazines, television and often add their own tweaking/tips for improvement. Recipes are archived by category, i.e. stews, fish, desserts, which make this site a winner when you’re looking for a new twist on a particular dish. Check out, for a similar style of blogging, with excellent photography to boot.For those of you with a sweet tooth and a slightly more tentative approach to cooking, I recommend, created by the runner up in the BBC’s Great British Bake Off.  Ruth Clemens gives excellent step-by-step guides accompanied by staged photography, to producing top-notch desserts and goodies.For food news, supermarket offers and restaurant deals, you can’t beat However, if you come from the nutrition-is-no-more-than-removing-a-cardboard-sleeve-and-piecing-a-plastic-film-with-a-fork school, is very good. Meals are rated on a scale of 1-10 for three factors: taste, nutrition and foodiness, with widely available Tesco and M&S meals featuring regularly.Check out Elaine’s own food blog at