KOH Restaurant features numerous cheap, exquisite Thai delicacies, writes Rachel O’NeillIf you think the terms ‘eating out’ and ‘broke for the week’ are mutually exclusive, then a trip to KOH will surely leave you feeling differently. It’s a slightly disheartening fact that in Dublin, very few places truly deliver quality on a budget, but this restaurant specialising in Thai cuisine is an exception.

The first thought that struck me in relation to this gem tucked away on Jervis Street was the décor. Dark mahogany tables, deep purple velvet couches and very soft lighting entice you in. My initial thoughts were that I wouldn’t be able to afford a tap water, however I was delighted to discover I was mistaken.

There is a fantastic lunch menu – €10 per dish. I was initially a reluctant visitor, but as a friend pointed out: go to any deli and by the time you’ve gotten the sandwich, drink and side, you’ll have paid the price of a meal anyway.

The set menu on offer has a wide selection of curries, salad, noodles and lighter meals. I chose a chicken and cashew nut stir-fry that turned out to be, without exaggeration, one of the best meals I’ve ever tasted in Dublin.

The food, like the décor and general theme in KOH, was never overpowering but always full of flavour. As for the portion sizes, none of our group could finish the plate – a scenario that, for a scavenging student, is miraculous.

To follow, there was the Dessert Special, an absolute bargain at €4.50 consisting of any dessert and hot drink. KOH excels once again in this regard. It is almost impossible to fathom paying less than a fiver for something that looks like it should be on Masterchef, but KOH delivered. My choice of dessert was the not-so-Thai banoffi pie, served with fresh fruit, coulis and cream.

If you want something a bit more special, KOH offers a Cocktail Masterclass, at which their drinks gurus teach you the history and art of mixology, along with tastings, a chance to make your own special cocktail and a three-course meal all for €50 per person. All in all, KOH is perfect for a night out coming up to Christmas.

Restaurant: KOH Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, 6/7 Jervis Street, Millennium Walkway, Dublin.

Phone: 01-8146777/8146212