First Arts millionaire to sit exams

Originally published in Volume IV, Issue 12 on 1st May 1998 by Oliver Mooney. UCD First Arts student Siobhan Malone has found herself to be worth almost two and half million pounds - that’s £2,316,858 - after sharing a National Lottery win last week. Siobhan, from Tipperary, had no original intention of purchasing a winning. “I only wanted a can of Coke,” she says, “and the ticket was an impulse buy.” ‘Obeying her thirst’ paid off for the student of English, History and German. Siobhan’s mother, Mrs. Malone, described her daughter as being ‘absolutely delighted’ at her enormous win, but added “the impact hasn’t quite hit her yet.” Siobhan’s not yet coming to terms with her massive increase in wealth and didn’t seem to faze her as she promptly gave half of her win to her parents. Siobhan’s mother describes her as “a very level-headed girl, very calm about it all. She’s still set on her exams.” Siobhan returned last Friday to UCD to attend her final lecture of the year. Her mother did admit she was worried about Siobhan’s security, about “kidnappings and the like.” Siobhan was given a mobile phone before she returned to Dublin, allowing her to remain in contact with home at all times. Siobhan has yet to make any long-term plans about what to do with her money, according to her mother. Her only short-term plans were “to get through her exams, and after that, we’ll see.” Her mother did admit to a level of unreality pervading the whole thing: We’re all obviously still very shocked...absolutely delighted, of course, but very shocked...we believe it now, but still can’t make any plans.” Siobhan still seems set on finishing her degree, despite her win.