Finance Committee Documents Released Late

Documents pertaining to the revenue for on campus residences were distributed to the members of Finance, Remuneration and Asset Management Committee (FRAMC) late, The University Observer has learned.

Members of the committee should have received the documents five working days before the meeting, which took place this morning, but the document was only released at 3:30pm on Wednesday the 4th of March, only a day and a half before the meeting. The report was over 50 pages long.

FRAMC “supervises the financial affairs of the University and advises the Governing Authority on any matter relating to the financial management of the University.” Speaking to The University Observer Joanna Seiwierska, Students’ Union President, said that “this is in breach of terms of reference and governance of the committee, and as a Governor and member of FRAMC I am appalled.”

She continued, stating that “circulating key documents related to financial governance with such a delay is another symptom of poor financial governance on our campus. It also corroborates the SU's concerns about key financial decisions in UCD being taken at the level of the University Management Team, and treating committees like FRAMC and GA as rubber stamping bodies on campus. It is disrespectful to all members of these committees.”

Other members of FRAMC contacted by The University Observer confirmed that they too received the 50+ page document on Wednesday also.