You should be studying right now, but let’s face it – books are dumb. Jon Hozier-Byrne looks at the top ten movies you can justify as ‘research’

10. Sports Management: Cool Runnings – Let’s face it, if you’re doing Sports Management, you’re not really going to be studying anyway. Lash this on and learn the importance of a lucky egg to any successful sporting team.

9. Philosophy: Love and Death – Take a break from your daily diet of coffee and denial and watch one of Woody Allen’s finest. In fact, jot down Diane Keaton’s speech on the epistemological question of being and you might just make it through Semester X.

8. Engineering: Carnosaur 3: Primal Species – This is the first thing to come up when you Google ‘Engineering Movies’, and it’s about international terrorists trying to steal plutonium, only to realise they accidentally took the crates with live dinosaurs inside. Do you need another reason to watch this?

7. Greek and Roman Civilisation: 300 – This totally accurate portrayal of The Battle of Thermopylae is an inspiration to both those curious about classics and experimentation.

6. Computer Science: The Social Network – It’s about computer programming. You’d be stupid not to go see this instead of work.

5. Medicine: Malice – Hey, you’ve always quietly equated yourself with the divine anyway, why not back it up with Alec Baldwin’s expert testimony? Forget studying, spend that time justifying your own inflated sense of self-worth.

4. Ag Science: Of Mice And Men – The feel-good story of what happens when men “live off the fatta the lan’.” Best of luck.

3. Commerce: Capitalism: A Love Story – I was going to put Wall Street in here, but you should really know how evil you are.

2. Physics: Armageddon – There is nothing about space and quarks and such that the haughty combination of Bruce Willis and Aerosmith can’t teach you.

1. Film Studies: Literally any film – Congratulations my friend, you made the right choice. Do you think you could find a Marxist subtext in The Muppet Christmas Carol? There’s only one way to find out…