Film: Top 10 Animals in Movies

o-two gets animalistic as Stephen Allen counts down the ten best creature features10. Gorillas from Congo This is justified because there were gorillas! Admittedly though, the main one was just a guy in a suit with a power glove who had a creepy obsession with getting tickled. 9. Chance from Homeward Bound Hyperactive, annoying and exactly how a dog should be. So, why is he on this list? Because he can talk using psychic powers in a voice sounding like Marty from Back to the Future. Awesome!8. The Penguins from March of the Penguins They are living proof of the fact that Morgan Freeman’s voice can make anything cool. If he narrates your life, you better be thankful. Incidentally, he’s now the penguin god.7. Toto from The Wizard of Oz Toto is a badass. He gets transported to another dimension to do battle with flying monkeys and a witch. Ultimately everyone’s safe, thanks to Toto, the dimension-hopping wonderdog.6. Tobey Maguire from Seabiscuit Ah, Tobey, so majestic. When I heard there would be a movie based on man’s closest relative, my heart skipped a beat. What do you mean there was a horse in that movie?!5. Zeus from Zeus and Roxanne This movie concerns a dog that creepily falls in love with a dolphin. Once you see it, the mental images will be engraved in your mind forever. Also, Steve Guttenberg is the dog’s owner, which explains a lot.4. Flipper from Flipper Isn't Flipper just Lassie in dolphin form? Well, pretty much, except Little Timmy turns out to be a bad swimmer too. Seriously, how has that kid survived so long?3. Old Yeller from Old Yeller Remember Old Yeller? Be honest, what exactly do you remember? Let’s just face it; this is the dog that was famous for being killed by his owner. I hear the remake is only three minutes long.2. Willy from Free Willy After realising that I'm not five anymore and shouldn't be giggling, I realised Willy’s story is a cheat. “Oh, he’s free and with his family. Oh, look! Poachers!” (unpleasant whale noises) “Willy?”1. Lassie from Lassie Come Home So, this was an inevitable entry. But my question is this: if people keep interpreting Lassie’s barks as Timmy being stuck in a well (which he always is), what happens if Lassie is just hungry?