Film Review | Sleepy Town: Ghost Town review

Kimberley Foy does her best to stay awake during Ricky Gervais’ would-be-comedy Ghost Town.We all know Gervais can do comedy, but what he cannot do is romantic comedy. Ghost Town is a perfect illustration of this point.Ghost Town concerns the exploits of anti-social dentist, Bertram Pincus D.S.S., who, having died briefly on the operating table, discovers that he can -wait for it- see dead people.The concept isn’t all that awful and in fact, gives potential to ensuing hilarity.Disappointingly, this hilarity is brief and the film begins to drag after a few minutes. Gervais is forced into the role of romantic lead, with stunner Tea Leoni, in a thoroughly annoying love triangle. Meanwhile, the usually impressive Greg Kinnear finds himself in a flat role that’s going nowhere, playing Leoni’s deceased husband.Simply put, the script doesn’t work. Worse still, the characters are absolutely uninteresting and induce only boredom and at times, passive irritation.Ricky Gervais is both the film’s only saving grace and final death nail. The rare moments of true entertainment see Gervais back in his own skin, doing what he does best. However this does not mesh well with the over-riding atmosphere of the film.The makers attempt to bring you along on the journey taken by Pincus in his transition from cold, social inept to warm hearted, people-person and fail miserably, while Gervais himself seems uncomfortable in the skin of the newly romanticised Pincus. The overall, final result is a yawn-fest with few entertaining moments.Rating: 1/5