Title: Jack and Jill

Director: Dennis Dugan

Starring: Adam Sandler, Al Pacino, Katie Holmes

Release Date: Out Now

There are brilliant movies, funny movies and brilliantly funny movies being produced by Hollywood today; Jack and Jill, however, does not fit into any of these categories. You won’t even be able to feel that smug sense of superiority enjoyed when watching a truly bad movie. Jack and Jill is actually, in a way, an extraordinary film, because you will leave with a sense of nothingness. It is difficult to recall a film that has ever had such a profoundly negative effect on the viewer.

Starring Adam Sandler as Jack, and Adam Sandler as his identical twin sister Jill, this ‘comedy’ features a string of disjointed, supposedly hilarious, but more often disgusting and offensive, scenarios. Jack is a successful and exasperated executive, tormented by his whiny, ignorant, revolting sister Jill, who comes to visit for Thanksgiving and later also stays, to Jack’s chagrin, for Hannukah.

This might seem like a scenario ripe for comedic set-ups, but be assured; it is not. It is just an empty abyss which will suck any faith you have in comedy to a place so far away that you may never see it again.

Perhaps the most bizarre element of this movie is the presence of Al Pacino, playing a larger than life version of himself. Surprisingly, Pacino actually puts in a real effort, throwing in more Scarface and The Godfather references then perhaps are necessary. You might think that these would be islands of joy in a sea of terrible jokes and ethnic slurs, but you’d be wrong. Indeed, his presence doesn’t do anything to counter Sandler’s disastrous performance, only making the overall production seem worse.

Throughout this debacle, it is hard to escape the fact that really, you should enjoy this, but you can’t. Not even a small grin, or a little chuckle will escape. All you have is a stony-faced silence, shared by all other audience members around you (at least those who haven’t yet left). You can only conclude that you were a fool to ever even like comedy in the first place, or at least that of Adam Sandler.

In a nutshell: Jack and Jill is a film so terrible that it will make you profoundly question any faith you had in comedies. Watch at your own risk.