Film Review: High and low

Director: David Gordon GreenStarring: Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, James Franco, Zooey DeschanelRelease Date: April 13thWe like to think of ourselves as a mature bunch here at o-two. We drink coffee and talk about grown-up things like politics, the economy, and which SU officer would win in a fight. But sometimes, just sometimes, a film will slip past our sensible, grown-up radar and tickle our adolescent funny bone. As much as we love our David Lynch and Vincent Gallo, there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a vast bucket of popcorn and something as stupid as it is hilarious.Much in the vain of Airplane!Robin Hood; Men In Tights or even Borat, Your Highness takes spoof comedy and melds it perfectly with immature, stoner humour. Director David Gordon Green (whose previous filmography tellingly includes Pineapple Express) has crafted what can only be described as a masterpiece of immature, laddish comedy.The heroic Prince Fabious (James Franco), fresh from yet another glorious quest, must once again set off to save his beautiful bride-to-be Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) from the clutches of the evil, sexually-repressed wizard Leezar (Justin Theroux). But this time, the heir apparent will be accompanied by his slacker younger brother, the pot-smoking Prince Thadeous (Danny McBride). Can Fabious save his Princess before the grotesque warlock violates her? Will Thadeous prove he too can be a heroic prince? Will Natalie Portman live to regret being in this movie?The presence of both Oscar host James Franco and Best Actress winner Natalie Portman is easily one of the film's biggest selling points, and part of you is left wondering exactly what Portman was thinking signing up to Your Highness after the remarkable acclaim Black Swan provided her. That said, the actress' "serious" persona only stands to make the hyperbolic silliness directed at her all the more hilarious.By no stretch of the imagination is this film for everyone, and to be completely frank, it's a film the men in the audience are simply more likely to enjoy. With that said, it is riddled with laugh-out-loud moments, well-executed action and clever physical comedy. Sure, there might be a slight over-reliance on the 'swear-words-in-a-medieval-setting' gag, but Your Highness easily makes for one of the most stupidly entertaining evenings out you'll have all year.In A Nutshell: If you felt The Lord of The Rings needed more scantily glad women, pot-smoking princes and lots, lots more dick jokes, do not miss this film.- Jon Hozier-Byrne