Film Review: Close encounters of the semi-sexual kind

Starring: Conor ‘Luke’ Barry, Heber Hanly, Conor O’Toole, and that Mike out of ‘Friends’Director: David ReillyRelease Date: Out Now!After last year’s surprise time-travelling crime-thriller-rom-com smash hit, Detective Harvey Price is back in action, and this time, it’s for the second time.Yes, everyone’s favourite Jewish Orthodox bad cop is back, and he’s badder and more orthodox than ever. Cop To The Future and Back – Part II; Electric Bungalow starts up exactly where the first film left off. Harvey Price, moments after punching Winston Churchill in the face and declaring Home Rule, leaps onto the back of Veloci-Rapper (his urban dinosaur companion), and jumps back into the ‘Time Puddle’, setting off for more pseudo-racist adventures. And what adventures they are.Nothing can prepare you for the onslaught of hardcore action, dramatic chase scenes and numerous tap-dance numbers. The frenetic action simply does not let up with a flurry of graphic violence and massive amounts of nudity to feast your eyes on. The entire second act is nothing but clicking heels and sexy bitches, with director David Reilly breaking new ground with his inventive use of the two-hour montage.The film doesn’t really gather pace until Price learns the ability to freeze time, which is mostly used for some of the many, many gunfights, or getting a sly look down girls’ tops. From then on out, it’s all stealing Ghandi’s glasses, challenging Julius Caesar to a game of Twister, and having awkward semi-sexual encounters with his own mom in the 50s.Heber Hanly gives a spirited performance as Price’s wizard-baby Jorge, and Conor O’Toole brings a street-wise flava to the voice of Veloci-Rapper. Conor ‘Luke’ Barry, however, steals the show as the grizzled chipper-turned-time travelling detective. Make sure to stick around for the outtakes over the end credits, as there is one particularly hilarious moment where Barry, still in character, punches a make-up lady for accidentally touching him.The film isn’t perfect, and even if the fourth hot-air balloon race drags on a touch too long, or if Harvey stumbling upon a lesbian-make-out festival seems a bit contrived, these minor imperfections are easily overlooked. Brilliant set pieces like the base-jumping sex-scene, or when Harvey watches the entire first season of Come Dine With Me, make up for any small complaints you might have, and then some.It’s hot, sexy and so full of action that you forget the lead actor’s recent tabloid scandals. Imagine if Crank 2 and Sunset Boulevard had a baby; that baby would be really weird, and probably have complicated medical problems. But remember, if you see only one film this year, you’re obviously very busy.In A Nutshell: Believe the hype – it’s the best Jewish crime/detective thriller since Molotov Mazel-Tov.- Jon Hozier-Byrne