Fendi meets Fila

Clara Brannigan reviews the new wave of luxury sportswear.The Fendi x Fila collaboration is something still worth talking about. Fendi, the luxury Italian brand and Fila, the Italian sportswear brand, might not be the first two you would imagine paired together. But taking into consideration their iconic logos and massive fanbase, it now seems so right. Earlier this year Fendi announced a collaboration with Fila as part of their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. The collection debuted during Milan fashion week, making a clear statement that sportswear has become the undisputed leader of the fashion industry.
Wearing gym clothes has become a huge trend, the Fendi x Fila collaboration has become the bandwagon that everyone wants to jump on.
Fendi incorporated the iconic Fila graphic into its Autumn/Winter collection. This collaboration featured the work of Hey Reilly, an Instagram artist. Reilly took on the Fendi x Fila mash up as a challenge and produced something retro yet contemporary. The classic red and blue logo comes together with the double F of Fendi, mixing high fashion and sportswear. The logo decorates t-shirts, jumpers, bags and furs. Turning sportswear into luxury.Wearing gym clothes has become a huge trend, and the Fendi x Fila collaboration has become the bandwagon that everyone wants to jump on. The line has become hugely popular with celebrities like Nicki Minaj, with many pictures of her on her Instagram wearing the collaboration. Minaj was spotted head to toe in Fendi x Fila streetwear, sporting a bomber jacket, sun visor and heavily branded leggings, deeming it an absolute ‘look’. Gigi Hadid has also been seen in New York City wearing a Fendi x Fila t-shirt, pairing it with jeans and sneakers, giving it an effortless but edgy flair. Other celebrities like Priyanka Chopra has been spotted wearing the collaboration too. These celebrities are making the statement that gym attire can be urban and trendy.Fila's comeback has been huge this year, relaunching their iconic sneaker ‘the Fila Disruptor II’, that has easily become the “must have” in the street-wear world. Fila approving Fendi and Reilly’s various use of elements of the classic branding has been a complete success. This collaboration has been advantageous for both, as it has brought Fila back to being one of the front runners for street-wear once again, while it has catapulted Fendi back into the spotlight as the clothes are more on trend while still being luxurious.