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Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray

Album: Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray

Artist: Pusha T

Grade: D

One half of the rap duo Clipse, Pusha T released his first solo album, Fear of God in March 2011 to critical acclaim. Having featured on tracks by Swizz Beatz and his good friend Kanye West, Pusha has gathered a strong following, which makes it surprising that this follow up mixtape is such a disappointment.

Lyrically, Pusha T has completely changed direction. The days when he claimed he was a drug dealer have given way to lyrics about money and luxury that lack any originality whatsoever. You could be forgiven for getting overexcited upon hearing the opening track, ‘Changing of the Guard’, but you will soon feel short changed.

The album is definitely easy to listen to, but that’s a double edged sword because there’s nothing exciting to hear. Overall, you get the feeling that Pusha T could have produced something a lot more original if it weren’t for his ego. However, both Clipse and Pusha T fans should probably give this record a spin out of loyalty – because nobody else will.

In A Nutshell: Do not resuscitate