Fatal Fourway: What are your biggest aspirations?

Brían Donnelly: Editor

Illustration: Freya Williams

I used to be terrified of dogs. I hated walking past small yappy white clouds and animals that could just as easily be small lumbering bears. I’ve never been hurt by a dog, so the fear was clearly ill-placed. In fact, the only animal to ever hurt me was a cat that my family used to own which scratched my knees and made me bleed while a 6-year-old me sat eating potato waffles and eggs in my kitchen. I now live with a tiny Bichon Frise-Yorkshire Terrier mix named Kuta, after the village in Bali, Indonesia where my parents had their honeymoon. Small, loud and liable to defecate in her own house, she is clearly influenced by contemporary politics.

My dream, once I leave the University Observer (I fear I might never), is to get a house and fill it with dogs. Not just a house with a large garden, but a house for the dogs. I’m sure they won’t mind me staying there too, but ultimately the house will be theirs. I would be a guest in their abode. The dream becomes more vivid and real in my mind with each passing day.

Dylan O’Neill: Deputy Editor

Illustration: Freya Williams

Most people don’t know this, but I didn’t get into journalism to change the world. Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada showed me what can be achieved by an unbalanced work/life routine. That power, that glamour, that’s what I dream of at night. I envision a future where my subordinates quake in fear of my demanding nature, and not get called out on creating a hostile work environment because they would be paid in this scenario, and not student volunteers...as is currently the situation. And yes this would be a monthly magazine, but I’d like to go back to my roots in arts and culture.

However, I understand that apparently your job can’t be your entire life, so when life in the office gets too much and I just need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, I hope to break the monotony by summering in Long Island. Originality is overrated, these films and television series show you something to aspire to, leave reality at the door. Yes, this does contribute to the capitalist agenda but I worked too hard to slave away in a thankless job, momma wants to get paid and live the good life.

Tara Hanneffy: OTwo Co-Editor

Illustration: Freya Williams

When I was about 10 years old, I bought one of those fabulous 1990s ‘How To’ volumes at a school book sale. It was entitled “Create Your Own Magazine”, and I think I read it cover to cover at least once a week. I had sticky notes in all sorts of spots, and took the tips to heart. I really wanted my own magazine. So fast forward to 2014, and I’m in my first year of college in UCD. My dad picked me up from the Student Centre after I stayed to attend my first ever contributor meeting for the University Observer. He asked me if I liked it, to which I replied, “Yep. I think one day I’d like to be an Editor in that paper. It looks like fun.” So here we are kids. It’s funny how some things come full circle. Editing a magazine was (and still is, let’s be real) one of my biggest dreams, and I’ve achieved that. And it was lots of fun.

So what next? I feel that my calling in life is to be a detective. Not a real life detective of course. An Agatha Christie type detective, knitting, cardigans, and cups of tea and all. You know it makes sense.

Clara Brannigan: OTwo Co-Editor

Illustration: Freya Williams

From a young age I could be described as eccentric, with bright coloured clothing and a sharp bob with a fringe. Not much has changed. I was often spotted in the local supermarket in my fluffy plastic high-heels sporting a beret, a true drama Queen. My dreams have certainly changed over the years, originally, I had hoped to star on Barney, I was dreaming big eh? I was sure I was going to be a TV star, but soon learned I much preferred to write.

Now I begin to embark on my future, as I move into the realm of Social Work, I hope to gain the life experience and wisdom to make me a badass b*tch in my career. I will always cherish my time as the Co-Editor of OTwo, for the experience, the discipline and most importantly the friendship. I hope to one day marry my love of working with people to make a social difference with my love of writing to make changes that way too.

One thing is for sure, I’ll always be dressed eccentrically, I’ll always have a fringe and I’ll secretly always want to be a TV star.