Applying makeup can seem tricky, but as Julie Kirwan explains, YouTube is a treasure trove of beauty help and information

Makeup application can be a daunting thing. When we continuously apply the same colours, it can become uninspiring, yet when we change it up we can end up looking like Jordan on a bad day. Yes, that hideous. Now if this is the look you were going for, by all means I encourage you to continue. If not, read on.

It has become a fact of life that when we go out, we poverty-stricken students can’t afford €40 a pop for the likes of MAC or Bobbi Brown artists to make us beautiful. That terrifying task of making ourselves presentable lies with us, but never fret, it is made infinitely easier with the help of YouTube tutorials.

The YouTube beauty community is one where beauty gurus, often self-taught, upload videos on all different types of matters. Whether it’s a Halloween, dramatic night-time or simple day-time look you’re hankering after, you will find it all on YouTube. Yes, there are some awful tutorials with annoying voices and grainy sound, but there are also some real gems out there.

Not only are some gurus brilliant at what they do, but also some are professional makeup artists who upload their videos as a hobby. Whether it’s the perfect smoky eye, a flawless foundation application, or the perfect red lip you’re desperate to slap on, there are plenty of videos giving you step-by-step instructions of what to do to create the perfect makeup look – not bad for a freebie. When a friend or relative asks who did your makeup, you can honestly, though knowingly, reply that it was you.

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of the makeup tutorial community on YouTube is that you have the power to create whatever you like. If you don’t like the eye shadow colours chosen, you can change to your preference while still using the method. You can mix two different blogger’s techniques, and if it’s all a nightmare you won’t feel too disappointed as you would have had you splashed out on a MAC makeover, only to find you look like a Barbie doll gone wrong.

The best of the best channels for a variety of looks are: Pixiwoo, Lollipop26, lisaeldridgedotcom and michellephan, but there are countless users on YouTube. Often, the best place to start is to simply type what you’re looking for into the search bar. So what are you waiting for? After all, your face will love you for it in the end.