Fashion: Knit one, pearl one

Now that winter is officially upon us, Aisling Conlon tells us how to wrap up warm to fight the breeze that attacks as you make your way down the concourse.In winter, it’s very easy to allow your wardrobe become dominated by one coat. No matter what you’re wearing, that coat ends up been thrown on over your outfit and it’s all the world gets to see. This year, diversify through the fine art of layering knits. It’s just as warm and looks hotter!Navy really is the new black this winter so this short sleeved navy knitted dress is a great staple piece and can be layered over lots of different pieces to create a different look every time. With this mustard polo neck it has a great 1970s vintage feel that is one of the key trends in this season’s D&G collection, among others.You can also mix woollen pieces with other fabrics to give a softer edge to your outfit. Satins and chiffons look great with a heavy knit. The grey cardigan with a satin bow, pictured, is a great buy. The ribbon can be worn on the neck, as shown, or around the waist to transform the look of the piece.Hats, scarves and gloves are essential to keep you cosy. When it comes to hats, baubles are back. Embrace your inner four-year-old and pick one with a crazy pattern and lots of colour. Gloves are essential to keep those paws warm. With the rise in pesky gadgets like iPhones and such that require your fingertips to be at the ready, fingerless gloves are a Godsend, and an on-trend one at that!Of course there will be some days that you just can’t do without that coat. Our advice is not to spend a small fortune on one coat but buy a couple of reasonably priced ones instead. H&M have lots of well tailored bright coats, such as the purple on that’s pictured, that will keep you warm all winter.Mustard polo neck @12.90Navy wool dress @34.90Belt @14.90Cream gloves @5.90Jeans @44.90Purple jacket @59.90Black gloves @7.90Scarf @14.90Purple polka dot dress @29.90Grey cardigan @29.90Black shoes @29.90Leather gloves @22.90Cream bobble hat@8.90Styling: Aisling ConlonPhotography: Colin Scally