UCD’s Ugg boot obsession is being threatened by a season of stylish winter boots, writes Sophie Lioe

We are constantly told that winter equals Ugg boots, but just because the temperature has dropped dramatically doesn’t mean your style has to. This season has more than enough to offer in the shoe department, as it encompasses items that will ensure comfort, warmth and style. What more could you ask for?


Whether you’re racing to make a lecture on time, or you get caught in a rain shower on a night out, the high street has made finding an alternative to your favourite pair of Ugg boots easier than choosing which sandwich to have for your lunch in Nine One One.

Firstly, there’s biker boots. Biker boots are the perfect practical accompaniment to any casual college day outfit. Throw them on with an eye-catching pair of ankle socks, or customise with the latest pair of patterned tights and there you have it. They provide flat-heeled comfort that won’t turn your feet into a mushy mess if the heavens decide to open.

This season’s shearling trend has even managed to find its way down to the shoe department; so you won’t have to give up that cosy fleecy feeling just yet. This heeled version from Penneys is the perfect versatile footwear to pair with jeans to class, or with tights and a dress for the evening. Just don’t wear these items with an aviator jacket and a pair of aviator sunglasses in order to avoid what some people may describe as overkill.

Knee-high boots may sound like they should be reserved only for those brave enough to withstand the stigma attached, but in truth, there is a lot more to them than pairing them with hot pants and standing on a street corner.

Nude shades like on-trend camel are the way forward in this area. Keeping the palette neutral will ensure any outfit is given a classy edge, making you stand out from the crowd in a good way. Keep the rest of your outfit simple, and let your boots make the statement.

So there you have it, three easy ways out of your Ugg-boot-shaped rut. Not that o-two has anything against the ease and comfort of Australia’s biggest export, it’s just that this winter, the high street is bursting with other options at far more affordable prices. So what’s stopping you? Cosying up for winter has never looked more inviting.

Black Military Heels  – €19 Purple skirt shot

Slouched Boots – €17 Camel coat shot

Tan Boots – €17 Looking down shot

Heeled shoes – €11 Blue dress shot

All shoes from Penneys

Photographer: Emily O’Hanlon

Stylist: Sophie Lioe

Assistant stylist: Niamh Beirne

Models: Rachel Heavey, Catherine Murnane