Adapting catwalk fashion to your own wardrobe can be a difficult task. What may look stunning on mannequin beauties on the runways of New York or Milan can most often result in a sartorial failure on the average person. Calvin Klein supermodel, Nils Butler may have rocked out the crop top on the runway for this spring, but within the humble walls of the Engineering building, I doubt the off-the-wall choice would receive the same response.

The reality is we are imperfect and diverse in our make-up. We need to learn to dress, inspired by what descends the catwalk sure, but in a way that reflects our individual style and most importantly accentuates and complements our own assets.

High street stores in this case serve as a convenient middleman. They provide the best of, and most importantly, the most accessible trends from the runway, ultimately bringing fashion to the masses.

With this in mind, it is necessary to change your wardrobe this season and freshen it up after a long, drab winter. Ditch the winter coat and three layers of tights – and grit your teeth through the cold…you might even achieve a few freckles for it.

For the ladies, bold patterns dominated the runway and similarly do so on the shelves of our local stores. Bold and exotic prints enliven any outfit, while a multitude of floral patterns offer a more feminine choice. Tribal fashion has been incorporated in many new lines also, and includes striking prints in vibrant greens and orange.

The maxi continues to feature in an array of patterns, but this season, opt for a sheer version of the dress. The provocative choice not only emanates current 70s glamour, but also serves as a more appropriate option for nightwear than last season’s maxi.

Wedges and a contemporary twist on clogs comprise the most popular ladies’ footwear for the coming months. Not only do they look great, but also they are far friendlier to your feet than any crippling stilettos. Penney’s, A|Wear, Topshop and River Island boast a wide selection of these shoes, ranging in price from €15 to €60.

Denim is a season favourite for men and women, chiefly in the form of shirts and shorts. A pair of denim shorts will be an asset for spring and summer, as they are versatile. For guys, they can be paired up with a simple T-shirt and open shirt, or influenced by this season’s popular preppy style, with a fitted check shirt and cardigan. A pair of deck shoes or canvas runners will complete this clean-cut daytime look.

Dressing well doesn’t have to be difficult. For the majority, shopping on the high street keeps us spoon-fed on what’s hot and what’s not. With almost zero skill and effort you can dress appropriate, trendy and frugally this season. Admittedly, doing so may sacrifice some individuality, but Dublin is just not ready for the monokini. So, until then, I shall see you in Dunnes Stores.

Models – Maria Madden and Michael O’Donnell

Stylist – Donna Doyle

Photographer – Jon Hozier-Byrne

Maria wears:

  • Sheer printed maxi €50
  • Straw hat €12
  • Brown handbag €18
  • Pearl bracelet €6
  • Gold bow necklace €8

All from A|Wear

Maria wears:

  • White tank top with ruffle €12
  • Skirt €47
  • Woven wedges €55 (A|Wear)

Michael wears:

  • Striped t-shirt €17.50
  • Denim knee-length shorts €36
  • Navy Cardigan €40
  • Grey canvas shoes €47
  • Denim satchel €36

All from River Island

Maria wears:

  • Printed crop shirt €32.99
  • Drop Pocket Hot pants €24.99

Michael wears:

  • White t-shirt €7.99
  • Red/Black Shirt €24.99
  • Twisted grey jeans €34.99
  • White canvas shoe €24.99

All from New Look