Fashion: Eye spy

Eye makeup is key, and as Kieran Murphy notes, the latest trends are more than a little eye openingThe eyes are the windows into the soul. No matter how often the cliché is heralded, it is true. Eyes draw people in and even though that sexy stare may turn into a wonky squint, you can’t be excused for not having them looking perfect with new on-trend colours for this season.Last season was all about heavily kohl-rimmed eyes that made any fun-loving woman look like she was heading to a funeral. This season, it’s all about bright pastel eye-shadow colours with a chalky finish to brighten up your look for spring.A new year means a new you and that should also mean new cosmetics. It’s important to replace old cosmetics every six months to avoid excess bacteria growth, so you can say you’re fighting swine flu when you come home with some new shades.The same rule applies to make-up brushes. If you’re still using a brush that came free with Sugar back when you were doing your Junior Cert, it’s time to make a change. Though MAC brushes are the epitome of make-up application, a lot can be said for the essentials now in Penneys, since it’s not what you use, it’s how you use it.If eyes are the windows into the soul, what’s the mouth then? The lips are just as important as the eyes. It’s the eyes that bring people in, but it’s the lips that seal the deal. While last year we were all raving about deep berry lips, this year we’re all over glossy painted on deep red lips. To complement the lip shade du jour, make sure that you have beautifully natural skin with a sun-kissed glow.Make-up concessions in department stores like Debenhams and Brown Thomas will be happy to recommend shades that will suit your skin tone, because while hot pink eye-shadow is beyond adorable, it may not go with your fire-engine red hair. Don’t be afraid to use the testers in Boots to see how it will look and bring a friend along for a second opinion, or even to go halves on new spring looks.