Fashion: Dare to flare

With the onset of the current craze for 70s-inspired outfits, Donna Doyle looks at some of the hallmarks of this trendA 1970s revival has dominated spring collections from the catwalk to the high street. Less Boogie Nights ‘disco diva’ and more sophisticated hippy chic, the relaxed glamour of the era can be recreated with floral prints, high-waist flares and pleated skirts. The trend encourages the most label-conscious fashionista to shop vintage. Not only will your purse benefit, but you can achieve a unique look and take the opportunity to be creative with your outfit.The trick to wearing vintage and maintaining a contemporary look is all in the details; dressing head to toe in your mom’s old wardrobe will not be a sartorial achievement unless costume was your intention. Combining 70s-inspired staples with last season’s camel-coloured pieces and neat accessories add a contemporary twist necessary to prevent a terrifying freefall into Woodstock couture.Flared trousers are a must-have for this season, and will save us the trauma of squeezing into those all-too-revealing skinny jeans. Complement these with neat blouses with billowing or bishop sleeves in either silk or satin. Pleated dresses and skirts offer a more sophisticated retro option, and when topped off with a wide-brimmed hat, they can exude 70s glamour – both day and night.Lace continues to feature on the catwalk this spring and can only add to your inspired look. Combine your floral prints with a recycled lace blouse or skirt to create subtle hippy chic and with a pair of platform wedges, you can achieve that laidback 70s charm from head to toe.Vintage stores in Dublin provide a great range of retro clothing. Lucy’s Lounge, Wild Child Originals and Om Diva stock great, original pieces from the decade. Simple leather handbags and vibrant accessories can also be found in these treasure troves and you will be sure to find a unique outfit. If you’re not so brave as to go vintage, high street stores like New Look, A-wear and Penney’s boast a great selection of 70s-inspired pieces at good value.Big, untamed hair and natural make-up encompass the 70s free-spirited style. Natural beauty cannot be topped – so slowly step away from the fake tan. Invest in a quality concealer, define your cheekbones subtly and stick to neutral coloured eye shadows.The world of fashion is constantly evolving, but the influence of trends gone by will be a consistent feature. As the 1970s takes its turn in the limelight, learn to embrace something a bit different and enliven your wardrobe with some hippy chic. Have no shame and break out those bell-bottoms. Just be sure to leave the lava lamp at home.~Stylist – Donna DoylePhotographer – Jon Hozier-ByrneModels – Sarah McAuliffen and Ciara FitzpatrickLocation – Shebeen Chic~[gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="title"]Photo 1Ciara wears:(All from New Look)Sarah wears(All from River Island)Photo 2(All from River Island)Photo 3(Both from Wild Child Originals)Photo 4(All from Penney’s)Photo 5(All from Penney’s)Photo 6(From A Store is Born)