Fashion: Click ’Til You Drop

With the internet revolution in full swing, Donna Doyle champions tech-savvy fashionistas.The festive season is upon us and the city centre is no place for the faint-hearted. The enjoyment of shopping is quelled by crowds of stressed shoppers. Hours are spent drudging around shops, looking for ‘the one’ party dress. Coming back if you can’t get a cheaper one in Penneys may seem like the best idea thus far, but with the benefits of online shopping, we can save ourselves the trauma.Whether you’re a shopaholic or a man with a mission kind of shopper, the web offers the perfect solution. Moreover, with greater variety and value, why shop anywhere else but from the comfort of your own home?The internet has revolutionised shopping as we know it. It has opened up a world of choice to the consumer who has, until now, been limited by the finite shelf space in high street stores. Online catalogues allow for a wider range of stock to be made available. claim to add 300 new styles to their store each week – a task impossible for any regular shop. What is perhaps even more exciting is the access to international stores, as we are no longer restricted to the Irish market alone.A major advantage of shopping online is the ability to compare the cost of products in different stores, allowing us to find the best deal and make each grant instalment stretch that little bit further. It is also worth browsing online for UK-based stores when the sterling is weak and the price better than our local outlet’s equivalent cost. It’s a clever way to save a few of those precious euros. Sites like list online coupons that can be used in thousands of stores, including Forever 21.At the forefront of the online fashion market is It offers a vast selection of catwalk-inspired fashion for a registered 3.7 million users today, both male and female. This season’s most popular trends, including an array of thigh-high boots and military inspired coats are available for both the designer-savvy and the budget-cautious shoppers. The online Aladdin’s cave, eBay, continues to be a fashion favourite. New and used clothes, shoes and accessories can be found at excellent value. Watch out for damaged stock. Stores, including Schuh, auction off damaged and display shoes from just £0.99 on the site.The world of fashion is a fast-paced and ever-changing one. Before you know it, meat is the new black and then it’s turquoise again. So, if you want to stay up to speed on the latest trends and ultimately save a few bob, shop online. Dublin Bus won’t thank you for it. But your bank balance might.