Autumn indicates the return to college, but not only that, the turning of the year’s fashions away from the lightness of Summer and toward the heaviness of Winter. It may sound gloomy but it allows a great change in the way we dress. The Irish Summer is by no means suited to the fashions of the months gone by, as shorts are now reduced to clear and light fabrics seem impractical. Autumn/Winter may mean darker, heavier fabrics but also a chance to wear as much as we want.
Two of the biggest trends to emerge this season are the styles of the vamp and the tomboy. Although both looks may seem to be polar opposites, they are linked by both dispplaying confident attitudes.
Leather, high waisted skirts and trousers are indicative of the tomboy image. Confidence in image is important to avoid what is conventially seen as “pretty”. Minidresses, miniskirts- all are played with. The tomboy look which intends to challenge typical fashion ideals also says that just because the evening is darkening doesn’t mean there has to be more clothes. The jacket is very much a staple in this look. The look touches upon 80s punk, while not being a move away from establishment thinking, but establishing a flippant attitude to conventions of glamour. The flannel shirt hardens the image while using it as a colour contrast to the dark leather.
The vamp on the other hand, while seeming to convene to a ‘feminine’ approach also disregards ‘prettiness’. The shoulders are strong, pencil skirts shape a nipped waist. The silhoutte is defined. Blouses can be light to contrast with the firmness in the skirts. Bold prints and knits, particularly tweed indicate that the heavy fabrics match the strength of the look. Dark eyes, red lips. A chicness encapsulated by the vampiric Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger.
As with any current trend, confidence both in the ability to seize the essense of the look, as well as being able to assert your individuality make the look not only a fashionable one, but a personal one.

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Eimear wears:
Leather jacket €190
Shorts €49
Flannel Shirt €43
Vest €9
Converse and Jewellery: Model and Style Assistant’s own

Claire wears:
Leggings €18
Fitted Top €53
Coat €129
Shoes and Jewellery: Style Assistant’s own

Stylist: Seán McGovern
Photographer: Kenneth Barrett
Style Assistant: Catherine Maguire

Eimear Smyth
Claire Daly