Gameweek 27 has finally started and I’ve resigned myself to that fact that the FA Cup will continue until after the Premier League ends. I’m beginning to cop on to which matches matter and gameweek 27 has been rather wonderful to me. I’m on 52 points so far, which I think is an all time high for me.

However, because this is me, who at the best of times gets upset when she gets a B minus in an essay (the minus is always personal), I’ve managed to pick holes in my success. Why didn’t I make Milner captain for gameweek 27?

I’ve had a fairly easy relationship when it’s come to captains. Rooney has remained my captain from the beginning of my fantasy premier league adventures, save for one week when he didn’t play. Then, he was substituted with Fabregas. I’m just not sure whether I should stay with Rooney, or move the captain mantle around from week to week.

If I’m honest, I really can’t be bothered to think too much into the role of captain most of the time. It’s just that, at the moment, Catriona’s Fun Laoghaire Pirates are one teeny point ahead of me. I’m beginning to become paranoid and wonder whether I should have made someone else captain.

This week it’s been Milner. So far, Rooney has scored four points and that’s with the double points he gets for being captain. Milner scored fourteen. I know that Rooney has a match left to go, but if he scores less than twenty-eight, I’ll be pissed, both at him and at myself.

I may try a couple of weeks of shifting the captaincy around, but Rooney is pretty consistent. He’s been the main points scorer, but since I ditched Giggs, Milner has been fairly spectacular too. Maybe I’ll mix it up. A change is as good as a rest after all. Although, maybe West Ham vs. Man Utd will change my mind.

On my slighty football related, sometimes regular gossip radar this week, The Sun has reported that Cheryl Cole has finally dumped Ashley, by text. I think this is an excellent development, although I’m not sure if I approve of her alleged dates with talented yet slightly creepy dancer Derek Hough. He’s amazing and his jive is just brilliant, but I think that Cheryl should keep her sights set on Simon Cowell. He’ll do lots for her career and is well known for treating his girlfriends well. I’m sure Ashley would be more than a little sickened to see his ex do so well in the States as well. You go, Cheryl!