Fantasy Football #5: What's in a week?

My name is Bridget and I’m a stereotype. I like Grey’s Anatomy, feminist literature and painting my nails.

Continuing to be confused by Fantasy Premier League is doing nothing for my trying to break down boundaries and not be a stereotypical sports clueless girl. For now, I will admit it. Put my hands up.My name is Bridget and I’m a stereotype. I like Grey’s Anatomy, feminist literature and painting my nails.Now for the next confusion.What is with gameweeks? None of them appear to be a week long. I think I’ve been stuck in week 26 for about two weeks now and I’m not getting any more points. I’m still really enjoying the competitiveness of the league, but I can’t stay stuck in week 26 forever. Like my ill-fated relationship with Ryan Giggs, it’s stifling and unfulfilling. I’m slowly slipping down the league. It’s really quite frustrating.I kind of want to use my wildcard. It’s so tempting, but I think that it may just be the week that’s in it. Crouch is doing terribly, so is Fabregas. The whole team is just making me angry. The random Villa defenders are doing ok, but nothing special. I want something exciting to happen, like it used to in the early days! It’s been a rough few days and, instead of making me feel better, my team are just pissing me off.So: to wildcard, or not to wildcard?To be fair, there are a couple of people who aren’t doing badly. As usual, Rooney is doing brilliantly, but there is someone who is doing far better than I ever thought he would. Shay Given has been invaluable to me so far. He’s been on the Ireland team for as long as I can remember, so I thought that he would just be from the Ryan Giggs school of playing: older, respected, but a bit crap. However, I haven’t had to ditch him. In fact, he’s been amazing! Ten points in this never-ending gameweek. Even though Killian has told me that he’d be better if “he hadn’t conceded that stupid goal”, I’m really happy with his performance. He’s doing a lot better than Crouch and Fabregas, which says a lot.While he’s not doing brilliantly at four points, Milner is doing better than Giggs. I’m not going to get angry now. The best way to start a relationship is to nurture and encourage. Having said that, if he doesn’t get better, he is so cut. It’s really easy. Just remain cool, callous and selfish. It’s the best way to be. I’m not afraid to do more transfers and my players need to start doing better, or the wildcard will come out.NEXT!