Family Guy’s Nut Busted In UCD Computer Lab - The Harpy

The popular meme page, Ireland Family Guy Fans, was temporarily suspended this week following a UCD-wide dawn raid. The pulling of Ireland Family Guy Fans caused widespread panic amongst men in their early thirties, doing no favours for their hairlines. The admin was discovered by Gardaí in the Newman computer rooms while attempting to convert his floppy disk into a hard drive.

Gardaí told the Harpy that they would have shut down the hentai trafficking ring much sooner if they could find the building, and if they actually cared about prosecuting cases relating to sex crimes. The dawn raid was part of a wider sting operation at UCD which had been on-going for the last 6 months. The operation centred around the discovery of a stale meme and Hentai smuggling ring in the basement of the William Jefferson Clinton Building.  

The ring first came to the attention of Gardaí following certain financial irregularities stemming from the construction of Deeks’ castle. Deeks’ castle, which has cost the university the equivalent fees of 2,500 students or alternatively the fees of 3 international students, included an underground tunnel into the basement of the William Jefferson Clinton Building. The SU president insisted that the money would be much better put to use if it was spent on 2 million chicken rolls. 

Deeks said that the discovery of the hentai ring was just another deplorable example of sexism at UCD. He said that this case would be dealt with by taking similar actions to previous similar cases, namely by issuing a swift apology and then burying his head in the sand in hope that the problem will disappear.