Famed anarchist Chomsky to return to UCD

Famed American academic Professor Noam Chomsky is to visit UCD next month on the invitation of the UCD Law Society (LawSoc). Prof. Chomsky (80) will be honoured with an Honorary Life Membership of LawSoc in recognition of his acheivements as an academic linguist and author. Prof. Chomsky will also deliver a lecture at the event, which has been scheduled for Tuesday 4th November, at 7pm. It is thought that the lecture will be delivered in O’Reilly Hall.chomsky6a DLA noted anarchist, Prof. Chomsky has been a prominent critic of US foreign and domestic policies since the 1960s, and is considered an intellectual figurehead for many in left-wing politics. He has published numerous books, articles, and essays on politics, history and linguistics. Although he is yet to announce the precise subject of the lecture he will deliver in UCD, The University Observer understands he will speak on the topic of US Foreign Policy.His latest work, Hopes And Prospects, released earlier this year, addresses the challenges facing the world in the 21st Century, as well as examining the ‘democratic wave’ in Latin America, among other subjects.Prof. Chomsky has visited UCD on previous occassions, most recently in January 2006 when a series of talks hosted by the student Literary & Historical and Philosophy Societies, originally scheduled for Theatre L, were relocated to O’Reilly Hall after immense public interest. Large screens had to be erected in the foyer of the O’Reilly hall to accommodate extra attendees.A Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at the world-renowned Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT), Prof. Chomsky has taught continuously at MIT for 54 years.