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The waging battle between the smart-casual partitions is what can make this particular approach to dressing a constant 8:00am Monday through Friday battle with oneself.

Too formal, and you risk looking overly pretentious and overdressed in comparison to the latter typical student mindset of “I couldn’t have been bothered this morning.” Then again, too casual, and you’ll quite easily be put to shame by the immaculately smart dress code of all male masters and PhD students.

The new age development in smart-casual menswear first began to emerge in the last hundred years or so. The terms ‘smart’ and ‘casual’ combined to form the substitute of the term business-casual in the 1950’s. The term smart-casual mainly alluded to a slightly more informal way of dress than then the traditional darkly-clothed black or navy-suited young professionals.

On a more serious note, how could one dare to disagree with Oscar Wilde’s glorious assertion, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” The smart-casual look is constantly going from strength to strength and has certainly climbed in execution in recent seasons thanks to the preppy, yet relaxed, Made In Chelsea star Mark Vandelli, and Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl.

The basic ABC’s of the smart-casual look is an outfit consisting of a chino, shirt, blazer and smart shoe combination, with a chino in this case being of a more neutral colour-palette.

Creams, nudes, browns, navies and blacks are the most applicable colours in achieving this high-fashion look. Anything too heavily-swayed from this colour-palette will most certainly result in you looking like you’re simply just trying too hard.

This offers zero fashion kudos to anyone; even those who in fact have made the 7:00am effort that morning. The only real safe addition of colour that is needed is a block-colour shirt in a traditional hue of white, blue or pink for the bravest of brave.

A simplistically-patterned shirt could also be worn for the more expressive students, bringing some personality and individuality to one’s look. To compliment the shirt of choice, a navy, black or indigo-blue blazer is key in keeping with the seamlessly sophisticated nature of this smart-casual look du jour.

The blazer is a failsafe option, effortlessly tying the finished look altogether. The blazer is probably the most essential item for donning a smart-casual look this season, so it’s definitely the one piece worth investing in.

Shoes should be a simple pair of again black, navy, cream, nude or any dark or light or dark-brown shade of brogues. Leather shoes are hugely popular in the smart-casual realm, so why not hit two nails on the head with a pair of leather brogues.

For those of you that enjoy their icing on the cake, subtle accessorising is very much  welcome. To add interest to the finished ensemble, feel free to accessorise with a pocket-square. However, for an authentic smart-casual feel, leave the black tie at home and the top button casually undone for a more campus-friendly feel.

Yousif (left)
Shirt: €10.00 – Dublin Vintage Factory
Trousers: €30.00 – River Island
Boots:  €20.00 – Penneys
Belt: €5.00 – Penneys
Suspenders: €3.00 – Penneys
Hat: €10.00 – Dublin Vintage Factory

Sean (Right)
Tweed blazer: €25.00 – Dublin Vintage Factory
Shirt: €10.00 – Dublin Vintage Factory
Jeans: €30.00 – River Island
Boots: €17.00 – Penneys
Scarf: €7.00 – Vintage Shop
Belt: €3.00 – Penneys


Shirt: €37.00 – River Island
Jumper: € 12.00 – Penneys
Trousers: €30.00 – River Island
Dicky bow: €15.00 – American Apparel
Shoes: €25.00 – River Island
Bag: €95 – The Belt Shop, Cork







Jeans: €30.00 – River Island
Shirt: €10.00 – Dublin Vintage Factory
Jacket: €60.00 – River Island
Shoes: €17.00 – Penneys
Bag: €25.00 – Vintage Danish military Issued backpack
Models: Yousif Saleh & Sean Gardener







Chief stylist: Christin McWeeney
Photographer: Joanna O’Malley
Fashion Editor: Emily Mullen
Words: Sarah O’Shea