EU students still studying in UK despite Brexit vote

MANY UK universities have spoken out to confirm that there has been no decrease in the amount of EU students studying in the UK for this year.With the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in June, there were concerns about what this would mean for the EU students who wish to study abroad in the United Kingdom.Some universities gave confirmation that nothing would change for these students immediately, but there have been no reassurances that circumstances for EU students will not change in the future.Currently, EU students pay the same fees as students from the UK, and also have access to grants and loans that are unavailable to non-EU students. The fees, at £9,000, are no cheaper than other countries, but it is the loss of these grants that would have the most impact. The UK government and separate universities would be unable to offer EU students any more than what they are already offering all other international students. Without the promise of cheaper tuition, there is less available to entice EU students to study in the UK.With the effects of the Brexit vote yet to be fully realised, it is uncertain whether the situation for EU students studying in the UK will remain the same.