Electric Picnic 2010

We meet Dublin Gospel Choir and Monotonix as they head to Laois for Ireland's favourite weekend away

MONOTONIXMonotonix are known as a rock band where at one time 80 per cent of their gigs were stopped by the police (albeit when in Israel) – no understatement then. Videos of their gigs show three longhaired, bearded, semi-naked men, completely surrounded by an enraptured crowd, creating very, very loud frenzied music.Their Electric Picnic showcase will no doubt be a strange experience because there is no need for a stage when Monotonix perform: “We swim between the audience, and it makes it easier if you don’t wear a lot of clothes!” They truly want the gig taking place beside, above, below and generally all around them.Monotonix’s performances break down any barriers that conventionally exist between crowd and performer. “We decided, ‘Let’s try to perform on the floor, and among the audience and see what will happen’, and then we put on a first show like this. And I mean it was wild and very fast, and the energy was great; so it’s the best way for us to perform.”Regardless of what language Shalev may choose to sing in, it seems unlikely that the enamoured crowds will disperse anytime soon.DUBLIN GOSPEL CHOIR“We do the Sunday morning slot around 12 o’clock, and kind of wake everyone up and introduce them to their hangovers with lots of loud, raucous noise”- so says Orla of the Dublin Gospel Choir, of the Choir’s annual performance at Electric Picnic. Gospel music is clearly no longer just the preserve of American churches - it has spread its wings and been embraced by a whole variety of people.“It's equally at home everywhere, and I think the audience is very diverse, but you know I think one thing we hear back from audiences is a lot is that you feel great after it…So it kind of cheers people up.“We’re a group of people from I’d say all different walks of life - we just have a shared love of music and gospel music in particular”. The choir was set up in Dublin’s inner city 13 years ago- it now comprises almost fifty members, who, except for Orla herself, perform on a voluntary basis, "but they still manage to keep a life outside of choir!”.The choir have collaborated with Riverdance, John Legend, Damien Rice and Paddy Casey, and are planning to release their latest album in the UK and Scandinavia. Orla finds being part of the choir is “really rewarding” and maintains that it is because the singers love the choir so much that they devote so much time to it.Ticket InformationWeekend Tickets are €240 / Family Camping Ticket €240 per adult. Each adult can bring up to 2 kids under 12.. There are no single day tickets.