Our last interview of the week focuses on electoral hopeful Eoin Heffernan, the sole candidate running for the role of Entertainments Vice-President. Watch all our interviews filmed here, and look out for full analysis of each race in our pull-out election supplement, on campus next Tuesday

Name: Eoin Heffernan

Age: 21

Course: Second Year Food and Agricultural Business Management

What is the role of the Ents officer?

“To provide entertainment for the students on campus, but that incorporates Erasmus students, your undergraduates, your postgraduates, so just to make sure everyone on campus is entertained and there’s something provided for them at all times.”

What do you think of the performance of the previous officer?

“I think Steven did a very good job bringing in the likes of LMFAO and stuff like that, it’s probably one of the biggest acts we’ve ever had in. I think there were a few things that didn’t go his way, acts cancelling in the bar and stuff but that’s kind of out of Steven’s control. I think he did a relatively good overall job.”

What are the five last gigs you went to?

“Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, I just saw Faith SFX last week in The Button Factory, I was at the Cheesefest, LMFAO… They’re the ones I can remember offhand.”

Will you be voting for or against the new constitution?

“I will be voting for the introduction of a new constitution.”

Running unopposed, long-time Ents crew member Eoin Heffernan has put forward an ambitious manifesto to overhaul entertainment at UCD.

With the Union in substantial debt, it looks likely that cuts will be made to next year’s Ents budget. Heffernan plans to raise €30,000 for Ents in sponsorship funding. “UCD Ball you can get sponsored separately, the Ents card itself …with 16,000 students between the ages of seventeen and twenty-two in UCD – it’s a huge market to advertise to.” Heffernan also stated that he would end the exclusivity deal with the Signature Group, which he maintains “didn’t work well at all” and would be willing, if requested, to take a substantial pay cut of over fifty per cent.

He also promises to make the UCD campus the centre of student life, citing the opening of the new Student Centre and renovated Forum Bar as reasons why this common pledge would be more successful than in previousyears.Heffernan has met with the Bar Manager to discuss his plans, which he says were met with “good feedback”. His manifesto also promises non-alcohol events such as poker nights, movie screenings and zumba classes in the Student Bar.

Heffernan’s main suggestion for reinvigorating the UCD Ball is setting a theme such as ‘frat party’, ‘full moon party’ or ‘barn dance’. “If you go to four UCD Balls in a row they’re all pretty much the same, you need something different. So my idea was to start a competition where people can send in suggestions and theme ideas … I just think it might add a different dimension to it.”

Heffernan presents some realistic and fresh ideas for Ents, and his plans would be aided by the timely opening of the new Student Centre, but whether or not he would be able to secure his proposed sponsorship funding is debatable. When asked how his campaign promises were different to those made by previous officers, Heffernan confidently joked that they had never before “been promised by me.”