Education Officer Takes Results Day Off

Nathan Young investigates the Education Officer's absence on Result's Day.

Education Officer Brian Treacy took both study week and most of the day of Semester 1 results off of work, the University Observer has learned.

Students seeking information from the Students’ Union on the day of results, the 22nd of January, were informed that Tracey was out of office, and would return on the 24th.

According to the UCDSU constitution, “The Education Officer shall be responsible for dealing with issues of academic interest, including... examinations, assessment and associated appeals; and the general academic advancement of the student body of the University” 

Treacy also did not attend the launch of Fix Our Education. Although not officially endorsed by UCDSU, all other sabbatical officers except Entertainments officer Tom Monaghan attended, and President Joanna Siewerska made an address. According to members of Fix Our Education, Brian Treacy and Tom Monaghan are the only sabbatical officers not to attend the campaign’s first action planning meeting.

In an email to The University Observer, Brian Tracey explained his absences as thus: 

“Semester 1 Results and day after: Wednesday: Half Day Leave for personal reasons (after 3pm) approved by the President. Thursday: Leave for personal reasons approved by the President. Study Week - Study week in the Union is considered one of the quietest weeks outside of the summer months with no meetings scheduled. I decided in line with the President that it was a reasonable time to take annual leave.”