Education Analysis

Education is probably the toughest race to call with both candidates showing experience, enthusiasm, and plenty of ideas.

Both candidates wish to create education guides, to reduce resit and repeat fees, and want to introduce events for upskilling.

Brown’s idea of a SUSI registration drive could prove very helpful to many students. Increasing opportunities for grinds and reducing fail rates would be great if it is possible.

Crosby’s ideas of an alternative careers fair and supporting students who are on placement are interesting ideas that could would also go well or poorly.

Brown’s manifesto fails to mention resit and repeat fees. She states that this is an important issue and that she will continue on from the previous Education Officer’s efforts in this area. While she wishes to focus more on fail rates this is not an issue to be brushed over.

Crosby mentions the UCD Foundation and the International Office on his manifesto but admits that he did not contact either. His ideas for working with them while great if feasible, need to be discussed with the relevant people.

Ultimately, both candidates appear knowledgeable, honest, and friendly, and both could be good Education Officers.