Editors' Letter

Hellllloooooooo—ga-garrrrahhhh!Sorry… about that, I got carried away. Torn yourself away from writing your Valentines cards have we? It’s about time. So long as you’re not looking to Otwo to cut and paste the letters y-o-u-r-s-e-c-r-e-t-a-d-m-i-r-e-r that is. Don’t you dare take a scissors to our dear paper, because you’re going to need something to cheer you up on February 14th. And brighten your spirits we shall, because you deserve it – having exam results and lonely heartbreak all in the one month after all, is cruelty beyond comprehension.Awards season is upon us yet again and as the critics get retrospective, we spoke to two of the nominees for this year’s coveted Choice Music Prize; the lovely Miss Lisa Hannigan and her fellow contenders, Ireland’s latest offering, Messiah J and the Expert.As well as blowing trumpets galore about the talent to be found on our isle, we also had a chat with international acts such as Starsailor and a word with Justin Hawkins about his firey new solo project, Hot Leg. Once back on home turf, Otwo talked to Mark Cullen about Pony Club’s latest offering.The TV page finds us tuning in to a few youthful pleasures, namely Gossip Girl and the new series of Skins. Film feels the effects of youth once again when we review The Curious Case of Benjamin Button while we also look at Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona.Fashion goes floral as the spring kicks in (no really, it’ll be here soon, we promise) and exhibition of the fortnight is something a little less pretty but enthralling all the same, the Bodies exhibition in The Ambassador. A stage interpretation of Flann O’Brien’s curious and comic novel, The Third Policeman is our choice for Theatre, and we celebrate the flexible magician himself, Harry Houdini in Icon.In travel we discover Germany’s Dresden and Spain’s sunny Madrid, while we chow down on Jo Burger, pizza and chocolate in Food & Drink. Otwo Attempts will test your vertigo with a look at rock climbing, while Mystic Mittens ensures that the higher you climb, the further you fall and What’s Hot and What’s Not allows you to at least do it in vogue.Phew. That’s enough for one fortnight, is it not? We’re off to collect a few dozen roses…Kate & Paul