Image Credit: Elly Dzhungurova

We at The University Observer side with the Students’ Union and those in the Fix Our Education group who are fighting for students

When possible, every effort should be made to resolve issues through diplomatic and official channels. Keeping the peace and trying to find common ground is the ideal scenario. However, sometimes there comes a point when these channels have to be abandoned in favour of more intense petitioning. When one party is not treating the other with the dignity and respect that they deserve; when one party is continually ignoring the wishes of the other; when one party is categorically opposed to compromising on key issues. All of this is reflected in the relationship between UCDSU and UCD management. For years, management have ignored the Students’ Union representatives attempts to reason with them on behalf of the students they represent. They have shown a blatant disregard and lack of respect for the people who are supposed to share an equal footing with them on these boards and committee - the people who directly represent the very people this university is supposed to serve.

Fundamentally this is centred around the question as to what the purpose of higher education centres such as UCD is. Is it merely a service, offered on a marketplace, accessible to those who can pay, a tool to increase one's social capital and ability to earn? Or is it a public institution, that is open to all, centred around learning and the welfare of students, for the betterment of the society in which it operates? In this case, we at The University Observer believe that the latter is the case, and side with the Students’ Union and those in the Fix Our Education group who are fighting to make it so.