Early release for exam results


IT HAS been announced that semester one exam results are to be released within the first week of the second semester. In contrast to previous years, results are to be released prior to academic board meetings, rather than after, meaning that students will have access to results sooner than before.

It is expected that the results given will be marked ‘provisional’ or ‘subject to review’, pending any rectifications recommended by the board meeting.


Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer, Paul Lynam praised the proposal as an improvement to the current system, stating that “it’s a positive step for students. The benefits are clear in that students will know if they have to repeat modules and can change modules well in advance.”

Explaining that he has previously received complaints from students over delays in receiving their results, Mr Lynam described himself as “pretty confident” that students will now receive their results earlier, despite the additional pressure that will be put on staff over the Christmas break.

Head of the Academic Staff Association (ASA), John Dunnion has praised the development adding that that he does not believe that the early release of results will increase pressure on staff members over the Christmas period. “Staff already have to work hard over the break, so it won’t make that much difference. It is not particularly satisfactory for students to have to wait for two or three weeks into the semester to see how they got on with the first semester.”

Echoing Mr Lynam’s sentiments, Mr Dunnion explained that “the decision was made to benefit students and I am happy that it does.”

Confident that students will experience no delays with online or administrative difficulties when results are released, Mr Lynam stated that, as before, the release of results is expected to be filtered our over a single day for all subject. “[Registry] don’t let students know the exact time that exam results come out so it would be stagnated over the one day, but we really don’t have specifics on that yet.”

Mr Lynam added that the new system would be monitored carefully and that any difficulties would be “worked through… hopefully this will be the way it will be from now on, but if we see any faults we will try and fix them. [With exams] we are constantly trying to improve ourselves.”

UCD Registry Communications Officer, Marie O’Flanagan stated that any changes regarding exam grading or results would be communicated to students using the usual channels in due course.